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Mindpaint Music is derived from many artists, styles, and periods.  I, the creator
and caretaker of, have been exposed to many different genres of
music throughout my life.  I naturally gravitated towards certain styles, and distanced
myself from others.  I began my musical journey with the Beatles, and still think of the
Fab Four as the standard to which all other artists will be compared.  Motown artists
played a part in my tastes, and so did most British rock to some extent.  In fact, most
genres of music played a part in the pool of artists I enjoy today, as well as the music
I struggle to set free from my quite inexperienced musical self.  A drummer now trying
to learn to play the guitar, the piano, and any other instrument I think may aide my
musicianship, I have a tendancy to like oddly metered music, pop, and nearly
everything ever recorded by Todd Rundgren.  The music I tend to write is not the
music I normally like to listen to, but rather what I can piece together with the help of
my trusty PC studio.  I will list here what I truly enjoy, and what has truly made a lasting
impression on my life.  The list is far from complete, and represents just a tiny
sampling of all the artists I continue to enjoy.

Todd Rundgren - Queen - The Beatles - Genesis - Pink Floyd - The Who
Adrian Belew - The Jellyfish - Iluvatar - Spock's Beard - Happy the Man
Over the Rhine - Laura Nyro - Astronaut Wife - Christian Erickson - Orson
The Sundays - Peter Gabriel - Yes - Erin McKeown - Sinead Lohan - 10CC
Tom Tom Club - Bread - Brian Auger - Boyce & Hart - The Monkees
- B52's
Captain Beyond - Camel - The Cars - The Cocteau Twins - Neil Finn - Tim Finn
Tears for Fears - Frank Zappa - XTC - World Party - Walter Egan - The Temptations
Tommy Bolin - Dream Academy - Supertramp - They Might Be Giants - Thomas Dolby
Talking Heads - Sweet - Squeeze - Frenté - Rickie Lee Jones - The Police
Paul Davis - Persephone's Bees - America - Fish - Marillion - Flower Kings
Howard Jones - Innocence Mission - The Lightning Seeds - King Crimson
Mott the Hoople - Marvin Gaye - Al Green - ELO - The Motels - Mike Oldfield
The New Radicals - Gilbert O'Sullivan - Peter & Gordon - Simon & Garfunkel
The Association


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Some of my original music
©mindpaint music™mindpaint

!!!! NEW CD ON THE WAY ... here's the preview... !!!!

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Download MP3 files of entire CD below...  Be patient as MP3 files are high quality and therefore rather large.

1. Back Then
2. My Song to Her
3. Kaossilator Song
4. Stages

5. Sunset Dreams
6. Hope

From Mindpaint's Debut CD, "Jiggery-Pokery"

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   Inner Sleeve

   Download MP3 files of entire CD
below...  Be patient as MP3 files are very high quality and therefore rather large.

  1. Someday I'll Find My Way - 2:17
  2. Just Believe - 3:38
  3. Christmas Karma - 4:48
  4. Heart of Fire - 3:42
  5. There Goes My Inspiration - 3:06
  6. My Friend Floyd - 4:36
  7. Simplicity - 4:26
  8. The Next Horizon - 3:16
  9. Do Try This at Home Intro Song - 0:26
10. Someday I'll Find My Way (All Just a Dream mix) - 2:17
11. Sunny With a High of 81 - 1:48
12. I'm Right Here - 2:23

Total Playing Time - 36:43

Like the new CD?  Order the "Jiggery Pokery" for real by donating at least $9.99 usd
through either PayPal link above.  Then email me with shipping info saying you want
the new CD.  I will reply with shipping costs and get the CD right out to you!

Something New - Mindpaint's MP3 of the Day!
If you like progressive rock, pop, art rock, forgotten gems, one hit wonders, or
obscure but wonderful music, this is the link for you!  A new song everyday, never
lame, always worth the click and the wait!  Please note that right clicking to save the
file will not work. The name of the artist will remain a mystery unless you
recognize the song, but you can always email me for artist, cd, and song

If your browser is set up to use an inline player, this link will open a new window or
tab.  If you have associated an external player, it should launch.  In any case,
BE PATIENT while the music is loading!

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Last Update August 6, 2009