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Solar and Lunar Data at a Glance

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Online Star Charts

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Where is the International Space Station?...
The position of the ISS at 1/11/2007 9:09:31 PM UTC

Sighting Opportunities

Solar and Lunar Data at a Glance:

Daily Sun:
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Current Phase of the Moon:
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The United States Naval Observatory

 Updates every 4 hours.
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Latitude and Longitude Look Up:
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Data Source: ZIPList5 Product Line March 2001

Online Star Charts:
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Another Chart via John Walker's "Your Sky Site"...

Observing Site
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Astronomy Links:
Meteors, NEO's, & Comets

North American Meteor Network
IMO's Latest Meteor Shower Calendar
A NASA Near Earth Object Page

General Astronomy

National Optical Astronomy Observatories

Magazines - A Lot of Good Information
Sky and Telescope Magazine

Images & Astrophotography

Space Telescope Science Institute
Space Telescope Science Institute - Hubble's Home on the Web
Astrophotography Site
NOAO Image Gallery
Messier Object List

Welcome to Meade Instruments Corporation!
Meade Instruments - Great Telescopes at Affordable Prices
Celestron - Great Telescopes, and Accessories

Really Cool Stuff

SETI@Home - Use Your PC to Search for Extraterestrial Intelligence

Space Physics and Aeronomy Research Collaboratory (SPARC)

Click on the globe to center any location.  Day / Night is realtime.